Starter Plan

1. General description

    Mobile applications can contain all offered features, it depends on website specifics and owner requirements. On the beginning you make only one small verification payment. Development, adaptation and all other works will be done for free. After the release, NowOnMobile will still update and add new features to mobile apps, how often depends on profit generated by mobile apps. Only website owner or person with legal rights to the website can submit a request to create mobile apps.

2. Profit shares

    Mobile applications will display owner and NowOnMobile advertisements in turns. This way profit generated by mobile apps is divided between owner and NowOnMobile service. All taxes from adverts profit are independent on both accounts. Profit is shared base on its value, the owner will receive:

  • 0 - 100$ = 50%
  • 100$ - 300$ = 60%
  • 300$ - 500$ = 70%
  • 500$ - 1000$ = 80%
  • Above 1000$ = 90%

    Update of profit shares has to be done after owner request, but not more often than once a month. To do this owner has to send profit report from the previous month to email

3. Website access

   The website owner have to allow on access to the website and display it's content for mobile apps for at least one year since the date of accepting this agreement. Access is enabled by default on all WordPress websites, in the case of any problems NowOnMobile developers will help in configuration.

4. Result

    The result will be native Android and iOS mobile apps dedicated to the Website. Applications will be published on NowOnMobile or website owner Google and Apple account, depends on the website owner request. The website owner will receive control panel to manually check statistics and add design/features live updates.