Adverts Profit

1. Profit shares

    Profit from the mobile apps made by NowOnMobile is shared between a website owner and NowOnMobile. As profit from adverts grows website owner gets more and more profit. At the beginning (and also minimum) website owner receives 50% from adverts, at the end (maximum) website owner receives 90% profit share. Profit is shared base on its value, the website owner will receive:

  • Up to 100$ = 50%
  • 100$ - 300$ = 60%
  • 300$ - 500$ = 70%
  • 500$ - 1000$ = 80%
  • Above 1000$ = 90%

2. No Risk

    If mobile apps will not bring any profit, website owner don't risk anything, NowOnMobile creates mobile apps for free and bears all costs of development.

3. Support and Updates

    After the release of the mobile apps, NowOnMobile will still update and add new features. All further works and updates will be done for free, how often depends on profit generated by mobile apps.