Features of mobile app

Mobile app increases loyalty to brand and allows to use services everywhere even without internet connection. We can make any custom feature, based on your idea and dedicated to your website app. Here a few build in features


Don't let users to miss your new articles and content

Beautiful design

Dedicated apps for every website, design adapted precisely to its content

Saved for later

Save articles and easily get back to them later

Offline mode

Allow users to read and use your website without internet connection


Let your users to share articles and features with their friends

Day/Night mode

Easily read articles also at night

Native apps

The highest performance, created separately for Android and iOS

Social Networks

Connect your website with Facebook, WhatsApp and many others

Tags and Categories

Browse website articles base on categories and tags


Search your website archive in a mobile way

Phone and Tablets

Designed to all size phone and tablets


Beautiful animations to make your app more unique

Convert your website to mobile app

Lead View

Get information about all users logged in to apps

Your Idea

What features would yo like to have?

Completed Apps


The future is a mobile platform, soon everyone will use only mobile apps. Here a few reasons that should convince you to go mobile way

More users

Mobile users prefer to use apps. Would you like to be directly on their home screen?

Mobile adverts

New types of adverts possible only to mobile devices. Would you like to earn more?

User Engagement

Increase user engagement, make them use your website every day.

Exclusive app

Make your website more unique, that matter on the mobile platform.

Available in stores

Allow users to easily find your website in Google and Apple Store. Reach new users.

Increase range

Easy way to share posts to phone contacts and other apps like Messenger or WhatsApp

Fit Mobile

Smooth experience that perfectly fit all mobile devices, amaze your users


Track mobile app users by build in Google Analytics support

Custom Notifications

Send any text notification, anytime and directly to all phones

Custom features

We can add any new feature dedicated to your website. Improve your website by mobile features!

Create mobile App now!

It's simple, just choose plan and tell us what would you like to have in your mobile app. We will do everything: design, development and publish mobile apps to our or your account.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is NowOnMobile?

We are software house company that creates dedicated mobile apps for websites. We made the mobile platform with a lot of different components and features. This way we can create mobile apps very fast. On the other side, each of them is unique and precisely created to a specific website.

Do you create mobile apps for Free?

We offer Starter plan for all website owners that don't want to invest money and get benefits from having mobile app. All is based on profit earn from mobile apps. We split them between you and us, how much depends on profit (check details). Apps display minimal and noninvasive ads, that perfectly fits website content. You don't risk anything, just benefits.

Are your apps really faster?

We make only native mobile apps, they are as fast as possible on Android and iOS. Don't believe in other generic solutions or builders, one app for both platform, they are noticeably slower especially for more complex content. If you do it, do it right!

Which version of OS do your apps support?

We support Android 4.1+, and iOS 8.0+ which is the majority of mobile users.

I have technical problem, who do I email?

If you have any technical problem please write to Please include link to mobile app, your website and name.

Do you support only WordPress websites?

We support also other platforms like,, and next API are on the way.